Often times it is easy to get stuck in the mire of life. It is important to look at yourself during difficult times and think; “I can do anything.” The most successful individuals are those who can find the determination needed in order to lift themselves up out of a difficult time and throw themselves toward their goals. Whether you fail once or you fail five hundred times, getting up and forcing yourself to keep working toward the end goal is true determination.


Inner Beauty

Inner beauty is of much higher importance than exterior beauty. It is important to look not only at one’s reflection but their character. Next week, Marilyn Monroe will be the weekly inspirational model of inner beauty.


Inspiration is a driving force in the world that leads to exploration, action, and ambitious thinking. It’s what makes the world’s inhabitants beautiful thinkers, artistic creators, and hard working career holders. By looking at successful men and women’s struggles, failures, and successes, we can gain a sense of inspiration and grow as individuals.